Lost Worlds


Running this is much more complicated than I had anticipated, and as time goes on it’s getting more and more so. For this reason I expanded from three to five-day turns.

However now I’m getting moves from players on day five, meaning I still have to try to put it together in one evening.

I’d like to try to get a rhythm going where if we’re on five day turns I get everyone’s turn by day 3 and then I have two days to get the turn resolved. I’m aware that this is a time commitment and I don’t want to make the game take up too much of your time as players. Keep in mind though that it takes you just a moment to send a message to fifteen worlds, I have to track where all those couriers went and follow up their arrivals turn by turn. As most of you can attest, I screw that up sometimes.

The week before the April 15th 5627 deadline we will pause the game so people can rebudget for the current year. Judging from how long it took everyone to design their initial fleets, I expect this will slow the game to a crawl. I’m going to put an arbitrary two week pause in place so everyone can have a chance to decide what they are buying and/or building. A new aspect of this will be shipyard construction times before your new ships see action. This should make the Consortium more popular.



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