Consortium Catalog


May the Blessings of the Almighty Dollar be upon you.

The Consortium is pleased to provide all the friendly Powers of the Lost Worlds sector with the opportunity to purchase our fine ships.

It’s a dangerous galaxy, and The Consortium is there to help. We know you have a choice when it comes to outfitting your interstellar navy. You have been entrusted with an important responsibility and when making those decisions, please remember that Consortium vessels are superior to all other vessels in space.

You owe it to the people of your world to provide them with a quality defensive and deterrent force to protect them from neighboring worlds that may not have their
best interests at heart.

The 5627 Consortium Catalog is a list of all ships sold by the Consortium.

The 5627 Consortium Archive is a list of ships that the Consortium used to sell but no longer does. This archive also includes civilian vessels and small craft. It is provided as a historical reference and a guide to existing vessels that may be encountered.

Consortium Catalog

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