First Regional War

The First Regional War 5428-5435


The First Regional War began over the issue of colonial sovereignty. Five of the original colony worlds had established secondary colonies that were now nearly as populous and advanced as their parent worlds.

Lincun declared independence from Grant in 5428 after receiving assurances from Washington and Jeferson that they would support the claim. Grant immediately declared war, causing Jeferson to declare war on Grant. Washington took a role trying to negotiate peace. Grant had a treaty with Colarado for mutual defense and so when Jeferson declared war, Colarado declared war on Jeferson. Jeferson had a treaty with Howayee and so Howayee declared war on Colarado. Colarado had a treaty with Kalifornia… etc.

Finally the sides broke down into two alliances the Spinward Powers and the Trailing Powers

Spinward Powers Trailing Powers
Grant Lincun
Colarado Jeferson
Kalifornia Newyork
Arizona Howayee

Because Lincun and Grant were so far away from the rest of the combatants the action of the war was characterized by small fleet engagements around the colony worlds. Somehow the point of the war became separating the colony worlds from their parent worlds. It became difficult politically for Jeferson and Howayee to argue that Lincun had the right to rebel against Grant but Adams and Elenoy could not declare their independence.

Newyork took on a series of rimward actions against Utah and Texas while distributing and broadcasting propaganda against their parent worlds. Kalifornia went after Newyork’s colonies the same way. Elenoy didn’t need much of a push and as soon as Howayee’s fleet was engaged near Arizona, Elenoy declared independence and threw in with the Spinward Powers. Newyork attacked to bring Elenoy back into its ally’s control, but was surprised by the power and resolve of Elenoy’s navy.

Meanwhile at the coreward side of the sector Lincun soundly defeated Grant’s navy in three major engagements. Unable to defeat Grant directly, they bombarded Grant’s water world colony of Jonson from space, utterly destroying the settlements there and killing forty million people. All of Lincun’s allies were water worlds themselves and condemned the attack. The Trailing Powers sued for peace and met on Washington to try to work out a settlement. But before word of any treaty could be transmitted back to the capitals, a combined task force from Colarado, Kalifornia and Arizona attacked Jeferson, destroying its fleet and prompting a surrender before it could be bombarded like Jonson. This decisively ended the war, allowed Adams to declare independence, and caused a collapse of the government of Jeferson that allowed three different regional factions to declare autonomy from the world government.

After all this Lincun remained independent because it had decisively defeated Grant and nobody else was willing to challenge them anymore. There was significant aftermath of the war as all of Newyork’s colony worlds entered some stage of revolt. Newyork fought independence movements with various levels of militancy on all five of its vassal worlds for over a decade. This eventually brought down Newyork’s government and while this didn’t divide the planet, they withdrew all claims to the colony worlds and let them settle their own affairs.

Elenoy remained “in revolt” and technically at war with Howayee all the way through the next Regional War, only making peace with the Covenant of Virginia. In many ways the end of the First Regional War sowed the seeds for the second, because the idea of independence had been planted in both Utah and Texas, and this idea would grow into an unstoppable force.

Naval Historian Notes: The First Regional War was fought with most of the powers at Tech Level 11. The largest ship deployed was Kentucky a 90,000 ton battleship launched from Howayee, the first and only ship of its class. This was a rarity; most ships were no more than 5000 tons though each of the powers had a 20-30,000 ton flagship. Kentucky took so long to build that she wasn’t ready until near the end of the war. Howayee wanted to send her to attack Grant but with only a jump-2 drive this was easier said than done. Neutral Washington wouldn’t allow warships to refuel and the only other route was through the Idaho cluster and up past hostile Kalifornia and Arizona. Nonetheless, this was the route she took with most of Howayee’s fleet.

Kentucky had several engagements at Fenix, Vegas and Kenedy, and did quite well, notably scoring a mission kill against Kalifornia’s flagship Equality at Fenix and eliminating all Arizona forces at Vegas without sustaining major damage to herself or her task force.

Ultimately, Kentucky never made it to Grant. The government on Howayee changed positions on the war with the attack on Jonson and the revolt of Elenoy and dispatched a courier that took the shorter route, caught up with Kentucky at Rosevelt and ordered her home. The war was over by the time she got there.

First Regional War

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