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Trillion Credit Squadron was an adventure and campaign setting for the Traveller RPG published by GDW in 1981.

The rules used here are based on Traveller, but the setting is different than the published setting of the Third Imperium. If you have played Traveller before, some of the terms used will be familiar and others will be new.

This campaign takes place in the Lost Worlds, a sector far to rimward of the Imperium and outside of Charted Space. The residents of this sector are humans from Earth, specifically descended from an American long range colony mission. After three thousand years of isolation they have a culture that is somewhat different from humans of today.

Table of Contents

1 General Rules

2 Orders

3 Worlds

4 Starships

5 Acquiring Starships

6 Star Systems

7 Intelligence and Espionage

8 Alien Races

9 First Steps

APPENDIX A: Lost Worlds

Detailed history, planet atlas and sector map

APPENDIX B: Consortium Catalog

Consortium Catalog for starship purchases

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