Newyork A9999AB-D


Newyork is a large world nearly covered in water. Both the atmosphere and the water are tainted with industrial pollutants that have all but exterminated the world’s native life. The population lives on five major island chains, but over a billion more people live in twelve orbital habitats. The current government has paid some lip service to cleaning up the environment but most of the people see moving to orbit as their personal goal, so the crisis gets little attention.

The politics of the subsector have long been dominated by the rivalry and at times open warfare between Howayee, Elenoy and Newyork that date back to the the first founding of the colonies. Newyork was the first colony to find colonies of its own. It abandoned or lost all its vassal worlds after the First Regional War. Since then some of them became independent while others came under the control of other states. Because of this many people have come to think of Newyork as a “has-been” power compared to the new upstarts like Carolina and Elenoy.
Population: 2.85 billion

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