Lost Worlds


Tomorrow I’m going to send each of you an email starting the first turn. This will set up how the turn emails will work.

First it will show all news received from the last week. News is general public information.

Second it will show information received from your intelligence or espionage efforts.The first turn they will likely have nothing to report.

Third it will show information received from your naval forces. The first turn they will likely have nothing to report.

Fourth If your advisors have anything to volunteer they will say so at the end of the email.

I want you to respond with what you want to do on that turn (for the game week starting at the date given). This will consist of your orders.

If you want to issue Standing Orders, specify that they are Standing Orders. I am keeping a document with all Standing Orders from each power. Standing Orders do not revoke themselves. If you put out a Standing Order to attack all forces from Elenoy your ships will continue to consider that your order. If the order is vague your commanders will interpret it to the best of their ability.

For this first turn we will take a week, I can go back and forth with you and tell you if the order is too vague, if you are advised to change something, and so on. After that things are going to get a lot tighter. We will move to three-day turns, allowing maybe one or two back and forth exchanges before the final turn orders are given. Eventually I hope to move to one-day turns at which point I will be sending you one email a day and getting one email back with your order. At that point the training wheels are off and your orders had better be accurate. If your order isn’t clear you will get a response back that the commander does not understand. If he understands but thinks it’s a mistake, most of them will err on the side of following their orders to the limit, provided they are not obviously suicidal.

In all cases, including the first turn, at the end of the turn when I have all the moves there are NO TAKEBACKS. If you meant to order Task Force 2 but ordered Task Force 1, and I have already executed the turn, that’s it. You issued the wrong order and it was carried out. You will know I executed the turn when you get an email that starts the next turn. We may set up a specific time of day in the future to be the cutoff.

If I don’t hear from you before executing the next turn it means you got no actions on that turn. So try to maintain a schedule of checking your email at least once per turn period.



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