Lost Worlds

The Wisconsin Peace Conference

The Wisconsin Peace Conference opened 4/21/5627 (Turn 14) So far delegates from 17 governments are in attendance. The Washington delegate has stated he will only be an observer but has now been called on to speak twice. He initially said he would vote to break ties, but recently said he thought it would countermand his neutrality and has said he will not vote at all.

At the beginning of the conference, Washington received the first chairmanship by agreement and decided to rotate the chairmanship weekly, round-robin. He determined the order in which the chair would rotate by rolling polyhedral dice.

Effectively the chairman controls the floor for a week, though others are permitted to speak, no item can be brought to a debate or vote without the chair’s permission.

Week 1: Newyork
Week 2: Colarado
Week 3: Adams
Week 4: Eizen
Week 5: Foster
Week 6: St. Thomas
Week 7: Texas
Week 8: Kalifornia
Week 9: Arizona
Week 10: Nimitz
Week 11: Carolina
Week 12: Utah
Week 13: Grant
Week 14: MacArthur
Week 15: Lincun (Arrived late)
Week 16: Howayee (Arrived late)

So far the Peace Conference has accomplished these things:
5/4/5627 They approved a resolution urging both Grant and Lincun to retreat their forces and settle their differences peacefully.

5/5/5627 They approved a resolution to ban the sale of armed vessels and nuclear weapons to both Monro and Tayler and further to make a formal request to Washington and the Consortium to honor the embargo.

5/27/5627 They approved a resolution to formally grant all foreign ambassadors diplomatic immunity and demanded the release of any foreign ambassadors detained by any power.

6/2/5627 They approved the creation of a framework agreement that would allow for any colony or subject system to secede from its parent system and assert its own sovereignty. This would require a referendum of the population on the world as well as requirements for economic independence, population and tech level which will be determined later.

6/9/5627 They approved a resolution that all Powers should support Texas with as much medical aid as they could each provide and agreeing to free passage for any ships engaged in medical or scientific research related to ATEP.

6/16/5627 They tabled a proposition for all Powers to reveal their fleet strengths until all powers could confirm a position from their governments.



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