Adams A56889D-C

Adams is a very comfortable, earthlike world that was the site of the second colony established by Washington. The colony failed for political reasons and the world was abandoned. Forty years later, Jeferson re-colonized the world. When civil war divided Jeferson, Adams went its own way rather than declare for any of the nations there.

In the years since, all three of the nations of Jeferson have attempted to bring Adams into their sphere of influence but have not been successful. This came to a head in the Fourth Regional War when Foster and Eagle both attacked. Adams’ navy was devastated but neither nation had the manpower to invade.

Further complicating matters, Monrovian immigrants have been arriving at Adams in large numbers of late. The residents are politically divided over whether to accept them or turn them back. Because of its appealing environment, Adams has a very high standard of living. It is known for its robotics technology.
Population: 930 million

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