Alien Races

The Thrantix

The insectoid Thrantix are native to Thrant. They are an advanced technical society with jump-capable ships and warships.


Thrantix are hexapedal with chitinous skin and compound eyes. They bear a strong resemblance to Terran mantises but lack the cutting forelimbs. The front two limbs each have four manipulative dig its. Color is an extremely uniform aquamarine. Thrantix are thought to undergo some sort of metamorphosis in early life but are unwilling to discuss the matter.

Thrantix are deaf. They communicate at short range by scent and gesture. They communicate over longer distances by flashing lights. Both of these communications techniques are prone to mistranslation. Their written language is no easier to understand. Talking with the Thrantix is often frustrating and sometimes dangerous.

The Thrantix do not believe in social protocol and seem have no concept of manners or courtesy. Their tone as translated by humans always comes across as abrupt. Further complicating matters they appear to not be able to tell humans apart very well and this extends to their collectives such as nations and worlds. They also seem to think it’s not a major problem to kill a few humans for overstepping boundaries that they had previously explained to different humans.

There is no clear idea of the limits of Thrantix technology. They were definitely exploring space before humans left Washington. Reports of human merchants who have been to their homeworld vary widely. Some seem to live in abject poverty with little or no possessions and others have advanced computers and personal cybernetic implants. It’s not known if this is caused by social stratification, wealth differentials or simply individual choice. As usual, the Thrantix won’t discuss it or can’t adequately explain it.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about the Thrantix is that they do not seem to be warlike or expansionistic. They have one off-world colony on a human world, Jeferson, which has caused little distress in two hundred years. They had a second colony which they abandoned some time ago for unknown reasons.

The Tillians

“Yankee Doodle came to town Founding a new nation Burnt the Tillians to a crisp With lots of radiation”
-Children’s Song

This reptilian race (whence came their name) once inhabited the worlds of Al-bama and Dakota but were wiped out in a brutal war with the first colonists from Newyork almost three hundred years ago. They were technologically advanced, around Tech Level 9 and had colonized Dakota from Al-Bama with sublight ships.

The Tillians stood almost no chance against the Newyorkers’ more advanced technology and weaponry, but they would not stop fighting. The colonial government finally annihilated their cities from orbit with nuclear weapons. Historians are divided on this matter, The Pro-Newyork opinion is that they simply had no choice. The Tillians seemed to have no concept of surrender, peace treaties or even coexistence. The males, females and children all started shooting as soon as they saw a human and never stopped. The Anti-Newyork opinion is that the Tillians could have been interdicted and their worlds bypassed.

Whether out of shame or caution, the Tillian worlds are still barren and have never been settled.

The Hamiltonians

The natives of Hamilton are a large and highly primitive humanoid species. They are carnivorous, cannibalistic and highly warlike. All major powers agreed to leave them alone, but some limited trade was allowed. This trade resulted in the introduction of the crossbow which allowed one tribe to conquer the entire planet.


After this incident, all powers agreed again to leave them alone, except for a small group of scientists who are studying their cultural development.

Hamiltonians speak about twelve different languages. They are usually ill-tempered and have little interest in anything taking place off their own world. They craft tools from stone and wood, they do not know how to work metal from ore but they readily use metal tools and weapons acquired from humans. All metallic implements are quite valuable but the Hamiltonians have no way to
acquire more.

The Okies

Okies are natives of Oklahoma. They are burrowing legless omnivorous hunter/gatherers with two manipulative limbs. They are about the size of a house cat.


The biochemistry on Oklahoma is based on oxygen, but there is so little oxygen in the thin
atmosphere that all local life is very slow-moving. A mining colony from Utah was established on Oklahoma and soon noted that the curious animals they encountered were stealing their tools. Furthermore they were later seen using them.

The Utah government kept the existence of the Okies a secret for over a hundred years. Critics say they wished to exploit them and revealed them only when it became clear that they had no marketable value. Utah claims it wanted to prevent harmful interaction such as had taken place with the Hamiltonians. During that time Utahan scientists did a thorough study and found that the species was indeed self-aware and capable of abstract communication. Further contact with technology was deemed dangerous for the species. Utah has declared Oklahoma a reserve for the Okies and prohibits all other traffic there.

Unknown Aliens

On several occasions ships and worlds have picked up distant signals, likely from outside the sector. These are usually snippets of coded telemetry data, but a few have been in accented incomprehensible American and have never been completely explained or
interpreted. Some say this is indication that Terra survived the war with the Vilani and has established another empire elsewhere. Others say it’s just as likely to be old signals from a long dead society.

These indications as well as the prevalence of native life in the sector makes it clear to most of the powers that other intelligent races likely exist beyond the rift that surrounds the Lost Worlds. The unknown factor is how many there are and whether they have a better star drive technology that might enable them to cross the rift and thus pose a threat to humankind.

Oregun reported a vessel of unknown, clearly non-human design jumped into its system in 5456 and jumped out again before it could be identified or intercepted. This could have been a hoax or a misunderstanding but Colarado used the incident to justify bolstering the size of its fleet for “defensive purposes”.

Alien Races

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