Carolina A220846-F


Carolina was settled in 5455, late in the colonization period, by a group of idealists from Washington. It orbits a huge ice planet that orbits a dim red dwarf star and would be considered uninhabitable by most people. The more hospitable worlds were already settled and so they ended up here. Their representative democracy dates back to the original settlement.

Carolina’s population, at 763 million, ranks below other major worlds in the sector. Despite its low population and standard of living, Carolina took over Jersey many years ago in a bloodless transfer of power. Jersey has a higher population at a lower tech level but it’s a more hospitable world. Fixing this situation is a major concern of the Carolina government.

In a situation similar to Arizona’s, Carolina has no planetary oceans and no gas giant, however the planet it orbits is a huge ball of frozen water. To obtain fuel for the starport, an organization of ice miners works steadily breaking ice and transporting it back to the mainworld. This transfer represents a relatively vulnerable lifeline for the world.
Population: 763 million

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