Elenoy A00097B-F

Originally a colony of Pensylvania, Elenoy is an unusual system. There is no real star, just a large brown dwarf. There are four planetoid belts orbiting it at varying distances between 7 and 20 AU and none on the same plane with each other. Travelling between the belts takes considerable time, and each of them maintains its own government.


The belts themselves are protoplanet accretion disks that never formed into planets. They are all rich in natural resources including gold, lithium and rare earth elements. Notably there is little to no carbon found in the system.
The four separate asteroid belts in the system are Macarthur, Nimitz, Eizenhower and Halsy. Each of these maintains separate governments and at various times in history have been unified and then separated. Currently they get along all right. In fact, being in asteroid belts, war between them would be a horrific bloodbath likely to end the lives of everyone in the system. Despite this, there is no movement to reunify, though all four cooperate to defend the system.

The nations are:

  • Macarthur Starport A Pop 9 Gov 9 700 million
  • Nimitz Starport A Pop 9 Gov 4 660 million
  • Eizenhower Starport A Pop 9 Gov B 700 million
  • Halsy Starport A Pop 9 Gov D 550 million
    Macarthur has a colony at Minesota.
    Population: 2.61 billion

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