Jeferson A89AA7B-F

With a population of 4.45 billion, this high tech level world is covered in water to a minimum depth of a kilometer. There are three major human nations on Jeferson and an outpost of Thrantix that may or may not have been there prior to the humans’ arrival. All of the nations and the Thrantix colony are underwater in carefully excavated undersea habitats. Towers from some of the cities manage to break the surface of the waves and these towers are where the starport landing facilities for all three nations and the Thrantix colony are located. Jeferson was united until events of the First Regional War caused a rift among three different factions that led to civil war and ultimately division of the planet. Relations on the world are peaceful now but unity doesn’t appear to be likely to happen any time soon. About a hundred years ago there was some lip service paid to evicting the Thrantix but not much came of it.

The nations are:

  • St. Thomas Starport A Pop 9, Gov 9, LL 6 TL 15 (1.5 billion)
  • Foster Starport A Pop 9, Gov B, LL8 TL 15 (1.85 billion)
  • Eagle Starport A Pop 9, Gov 5, LL 4 TL 15 (1.1 billion)
  • Thrantix Colony is Starport E Pop 7, Gov 6, LL 9 TL ? (Roughly 40 million)

Foster maintains a colony at Jakson.
Population: 4.45 billion

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