Jersey D360964-4

Jersey started out as a colony of Newyork. About two hundred years ago during the First Regional War a coalition of secessionists revolted from the parent world. After the war, they won their freedom, but never managed to agree on who would rule after the Newyorkers left. The situation never really stabilized and it broke into open warfare and devolved afterwards into post-apocalyptic barbarism.

About a hundred years ago a research team from Carolina arrived and attempted to restore order on the planet. Since then the entire planet has come under Carolina’s authority. Relations between the worlds are good, but the low tech level of Jersey causes difficulties in establishing common systems of trade and commerce. Much of the world is still in a somewhat barbaric state, but
the larger cities are connected by steam train networks and telegraph communications.

A persistent rumor on Jersey is that the entire population of Carolina intends to move to Jersey one day. This may or may not be true.
Population: 3 billion

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