Washington A779AD8-F

Washington was the first world settled by the New America colony mission. Humans dwelt exclusively on this world for over three thousand years, surviving through a dark age and energy crisis that could have rendered them extinct. They only survived by being forced into the inflexible religious structure of the Na-Sa religion.

About 300 years ago, scientists from Washington rediscovered the jump drive and the billions of people living there expanded across the sector creating new colonies at a rapid pace. This did not end the society on Washington, rather it gave the people
remaining there room to grow.

Washington is quite Earthlike, though with fewer continents and more water. Temperatures are comfortable and seasons are mild. It has the highest population in the sector, and the highest tech level. The Na-Sa were overthrown about a hundred years ago. Washington remains under a religious oligarchy, but now the religion is the Church of the Almighty Dollar. The Church has a hierarchy that resembles a corporation and its governing body is called The Consortium that controls all of the material wealth of the world.

Politically, Washington has always remained neutral in the disputes among the powers in the sector. The Na-Sa considered themselves above the quibbles of their offshoot colonies. The Consortium considers political neutrality to be the best policy for their business model which to them equates with moral imperative. The Consortium maintains an embassy on all of the most important worlds of the sector. Its embassies are set up like show rooms selling Washington’s primary export, starships. The Consortium builds and sells ships to the highest bidder. Washington controls Quincy as a colony.
Population: 10.24 billion

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